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ESSAY "POLLUTION (causes and solution)"

esei kat bawah nie adalah tugasan esei yang Miss Jam (MUET teacher aku) bagi.. nie standrd STPM ka?? mm.. ya la kot.. budak STPM yang buat... hihi... 
Kredit to NANA (bukan nama sebenar) as my tutor :) ..
                Imagined  yourself walk by a bridge where tons of rubbish were being dumped everyday or walk along the road where hundreds of vehicles produce smoke through emission. All this are pollution. Pollution refer the production of contaminates into a natural environment that causes instability, disorder, harm or even discomfort to the ecosystem such as humans, animals and plants. Pollution can be derive into some category which are water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, also sight and noise pollution. All this kind of pollution can create a catastrophes to the world if it does not handle well.

                Everything happen for a reason. Same goes with pollution. With the increasing number of factories and vehicles, huge amount of smoke are being release into the atmosphere. This will cause air pollution because the smoke from the car contain Chloro Floro Carbon (CFC) which are potent to the environment. Moreover, most companies of a factory choose to dump their toxic waste into the river causing the river get dirty and smell foul. Hence, this can lead to water pollution and disturb the stability of the ecosystem.

                Just like a domino effect, the effect of one type of pollution will cause other illness to come along. People with lung disease suffer a lot from air pollution because their inhale the contaminated air around them. This harmful smoke cause them to breath difficulty. With the dumping of toxic waste into the river, the life of the aquamarine in it will be in destroy. The pollution also cause the thinning of the ozone layer. Ultraviolet- ray can easily penetrated the thin ozone layer and cause disease such as  skin cancer and cataract.

                However, each problem has their own solution. As for the pollution, the government should at least develop new technology that can reduce the pollution. Besides, the community must have awareness  towards  the pollution and felt the responsibility to avoid and realise how important to keep our world from being polluted. In addition, people can also follow the 3R (Re-use, Re-cycle,and Reduce) step to help decrease the amount of pollution.

                In a nut shell, we have to think out of the box and start making something to the world so that our younger set of generation can still feel what we had in this beautiful world. I hope with the increasing standard of education we had, we can create some future technology tah can eliminate the pollution once and for all.

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